Thursday, 7 November 2013

Many Wealth And Fund Managers Are Recommending Hard Assets

With the financial crisis of 2008 still looming over the heads of investors, many are skeptical to invest their money into traditional investment vehicles, such as the stock or bond market. With (on average) a 40 percent loss resulting from the stock market meltdown a half-a-decade ago, investors are seeking alternative assets that offer lower risk and steady returns. To accommodate the investment community’s cautiousness, money managers and advisers are diversifying assets away from the bubble-prone stock market and into hard assets. In fact, several market-research firms believe that the move away from equities and into alternative assets will continue to be a growing trend over the next few years, particularly as investors look to guard against risk and beat rising inflation.

Many analysts believe that hard assets, such as gold, oil, precious metals and gemstones, are attracting interest from retail and institutional investors; because both groups are increasingly looking for portfolio diversification, enhanced returns and lower risk. In the current investment climate, it would seem that in order to reduce the volatility of investing, wealth funds and advisers have been increasingly re-allocating capital into hard assets. As a matter of fact, asset managers who manage portfolios for wealthy investors have suggested that the amount of money in alternative products, such as investing in shipping containers, will see a dramatic rise in popularity and demand over the next five years.

The investment anxiety shown by investors has seen a marked increased since the onset of the financial crisis in 2008 and thus, has resulted in a growing number of advisers and professionals recommending a strategy that includes an alternative asset class. Because of the widespread adoption at the institutional level, it is safe to assume that alternative assets will continue to rise in demand over the next decade, as profitable alternative investments usher in a new age of investing that promises a better investment experience for investors.


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