Wednesday, 23 October 2013

This is Why Hard Assets Make Sense in Today's Tough Markets

Today's uncertain, volatile and tough markets can pose a number of challenges for new and experienced members of the investment community. In order to guard against rising inflation and to account for economic uncertainty, the average investor must learn about the advantages of introducing alternative investing strategies, such as the reallocation of capital into hard assets. At the moment, alternative investments like hard assets are being widely recognized as fantastic options for investors to utilize, particularly in a volatile investing environment. This is because, and aside from the fact that they will steadily increase in value over time and offer diversification in an investment portfolio, these investments are very often able to beat rising inflation.

Instead of remaining steadfast on traditional assets such as stocks and bonds, many investors have been shifting their focus to alternative offerings, where profitable commodities such as precious metals and gemstones continue to perform well in tumultuous markets. Apart from the well-known commodities, the demand for hard asset investments like container investing, has continued to experience a dramatic rise in popularity; since the introduction of the Global Financial Crisis. With that being said, the world's extremely wealthy are shifting their investment focus away from holding cash, and instead are placing their money (and faith) into hard assets like shipping containers; that are tangible and far less-likely to be manipulated or influenced by political turmoil and/or financial uncertainty. Given the current economic circumstances, investors may want to consider following their lead.

It would seem that over the last few years, a growing number of wealth fund managers across the globe have been recommending hard assets to their investment clients. This further illustrates the trend in modern investing, that is seeing a strong shift toward introducing a modest amount of well-established alternative assets. The fact of the matter is that investors are realizing hard assets can minimize the risks associated with investing, hedge against inflation and provide ample diversification in an investment portfolio. These are the fundamental characteristics associated with a modern investment portfolio, that has appropriately accommodated for unpredictable global market volatility; now and in the future.


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