Sunday, 10 February 2013

African Markets Create Business and Investment Opportunities

Emerging markets, like those in Africa, are becoming important contributors to the global economy. According to a United Nations economic annual report, African economies expect to record an average of 4.5 percent growth this year, despite a slowdown in the global economy. This can be attributed to the fact that the African continent is on the breaking edge of a new technological revolution. Various African countries are generating and implementing innovative ideas, and creating new technologies, that will change the way African countries interact with each other; and with the rest of the world.

Most analysts are predicting that African countries, will demonstrate a growth rate this year, that is stronger than the global average. To encourage this strong and steady growth, many African countries are updating their regulations to allow for more flexibility with regards to entrepreneurship, which will create opportunities for international businesses; that result in investing alternatives for investors. It is expected that these new regulations, will allow for a rise in mutually beneficial engagement, with the international investment community and businesses. The countries within the African continent, present many opportunities for investors and businesses, because of its rapid growth and strong development.

A recent study by Forbes, reported that the projected progression in emerging markets, is likely to have a rate two or three times faster than developed nations; such as the US. 2013 is set to be a shifting year for the global economy. It is expected that for the first time, the combined GDP of the emerging markets, will surpass those of the developed markets. It’s time for Africa to make its mark. The global economy isn't just about trading with China, India and European countries; Africa is making an impact as well. With the status of the African countries continuing to show substantial improvements, the investment community can expect many opportunities to be created, that will allow investors to profit.


  1. Its' really good to see Africa getting some good press as an investment destination. There are some excellent opportunities in the continent, in health care, infrastructure and farmland investment in africa

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