Monday, 3 December 2012

Amid Economic Turmoil Investors Are Guarding Against Scams

With an abundance of economic uncertainty in the world's financial markets, global investors are becoming increasingly apprehensive about making investments, and are guarding against investment scams or get-rich-quick schemes. As an alternative to traditional investments, such as gold, real estate and stocks, apprehensive investors are searching for established low risk investments, that have consistently proven that they can grow and protect; an investor's investment principle. Not to be considered overly cynical, this growing suspicion has encouraged many investment-seekers to be highly critical of questionable investing strategies, and has helped officials and cautious investors; expose very elaborate investment scams around the world.

To investors, the ideal low risk investment is one that is the easiest to understand, easy to monitor and even easier to liquidate. In contrast, investment scams are notorious for being intricate and difficult to figure out, nearly impossible to supervise investment progress, and even more problematic to convert back into cash. When making an investment nowadays, investors do not want to be "left in the dark." Instead, they want to build and maintain long-term, profitable relationships with investment providers, that clearly demonstrates an appreciation for the value of their hard-earned money. Furthermore, investors are also insisting upon better communication of updates, such as; investment growth and betterment.

The modern investor's cynical and frugal approach to investing, albeit inspired by the need to avoid an investment scam, has ushered-in a demand for transparency and responsibility from the people behind traditional and alternative investment opportunities, as more and more investors keep a watchful eye on their investments; and their hard-earned money. The bottom line is, that people are no longer satisfied to trust their money to so-called professionals, without establishing a meaningful relationship; that is founded on trust and accountability. Operators of an investment scam, will prey on the misguided trust of novice investors and will cleverly position themselves, to avoid any responsibility or answer-ability should anything go wrong with the investment. On the other hand, most reputable and world renowned companies are not afraid to build personal relationships with investors and international business partners.

With that being said, because there are those who have chosen to exploit unfortunate circumstances and prey on the naive and innocent, reputable companies with legitimate and profitable investments have been subject to intense scrutiny and criticism from serious investors and the global investment audience; who are all trying to avoid a scam. As such, when a legitimate and profitable opportunity arises, like shipping container investments for example; investors are naturally skeptical. However, the good thing about their skepticism, is that reluctant investors will conduct extensive investment research, and will discover assurances in the abundance of positive industry information and find "piece of mind" in the absence of negative investment reviews; or poor investor sentiment.


  1. There is a lot of information on the internet these days for investors to research before making any financial commitment. The smart investors take advantage of it and always do their homework.

  2. There was a recent survey that indicated that over 70% of investors would prefer to make investments that are simple and easy to understand. Who wouldn’t? Particularly, if they are profitable and come with little associated risk, like hard-assets.

  3. Nowadays, investors want to have more transparency and better communication regarding their investments. It gives them a measure of peace of mind knowing what is constantly happening with their hard-earned investment.

  4. Investors today need to have more transparency when it comes to their investments, since the last five years of unstable investment market conditions has led to an increase in investor anxiety and a lack of trust when to comes to traditional options. Alternative options are not only more open to communication but they have also been delivering above-average returns at the same time.

    1. The days of the traditional, out-dated and unreliable investment options seem to be numbered. Investors today are too smart and educated to trust their money to money managers and firms who have not delivered the goods in recent years. This is why so many investors are now switching to the more profitable and reliable alternative opportunities.