Friday, 11 May 2012

Investment Into Shipping Containers is Needed to Meet Demand

Global international trade is expected to continue to expand, as many of the world's trade barriers are being reformed and reduced, causing consumer demand to increase exponentially. This will result in businesses setting higher production goals, which will cause a sharp rise in the need to transport consumer goods, to and from international shipping ports; all around the world.

When it comes to building the world's economies, the effective delivery of the supply of goods, is paramount to meeting the growing international consumer demand. How is this accomplished? Surprisingly, it is estimated that 90 percent of the world's goods, are transported by sea. Knowing this, government officials and private investors all over the globe, are investing heavily into their port cities' infrastructure and expanding their container port capabilities; to handle a highly anticipated increase in international demand.

Playing a major role of the increase in world trade, the expansion project currently underway at the Panama Canal, has inspired shipping companies to order more new ships be built; that are capable of handling larger loads of cargo. Bigger ships means more containers, and as such investors can expect an increase in demand for TEU, that many companies need to transport their increased supply of goods; to a plethora of international consumers and worldwide marketplaces.

Although many small investors are unable to participate and invest directly into international port improvements, to benefit from the industry's growth, there are alternative investment approaches; to be considered. Simply put, as the consumer demand grows, so too will the need for a dependable supply of shipping containers; to transport the world's cargo. Because history and simple economics tells us that there will always be a constant demand for shipping containers, it is something investors should consider when looking for alternatives to common investments; in the marketplace.


  1. nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

  2. Shipping companies are buying vessels that can carry many more containers, and are intended to efficiently feed the global rise in consumer demand. As such, the shipping industry will require an enormous number of containers, to stock the new larger ships. Typically, shipping companies prefer to lease their containers from a container management company and/or private investors, rather than purchase and maintain a fleet of their own. Not only does it keep overhead costs down, but it creates a profitable investment opportunity for private investors, as well.

  3. There are several global factors, which includes international investing in shipping ports and container vessels, that have contributed to the steady rise in the worldwide demand; for shipping containers. More and more private investors are recognizing this opportunity, and are looking to container investment companies; for a piece of the rising profits.

  4. The fact that the Panama Canal expansion has inspired the building of bigger ships (that can carry many more containers), and that economic recovery is driving consumer demand, I can see how the demand for shipping containers; is expected to continue to rise.