Thursday, 26 April 2012

Panama Canal Expansion Offers New Investment Opportunities

The expansion of the Panama Canal in 2014, is encouraging port authorities around the world, to expand their own shipping facilities; in order to handle the bigger container ships travelling through the region. The new, post-panamax ships are being built, to carry more shipping containers, that are filled with even more cargo. To meet the shipping increase, new innovative equipment must be designed and built, to efficiently handle the larger container loads. Therefore, heavy investment into technology will be needed, if international ports hope to become more efficient, cost-effective and remain competitive.

For example, Global Terminal and Container Services in Jersey City, has recently invested in 20 Automated Stacking Cranes (ASCs); for their shipping container terminal. The newly-designed cranes have a lifting capacity of forty tons, and can stack containers five high and nine wide. Furthermore, the welcome additions come complete with automation controls, that will allow for better container control; and will promote long-term port efficiency.

Few can argue that the expansion of the Panama Canal, to accommodate the new larger container ships, is having a profound and influential effect; on the entire shipping industry. The billion dollar project, has introduced new opportunities for container investing, as well as; investments into port technology and innovation. As such, countries and industries are strongly encouraging to prepare their shipping ports, for a steady increase in world shipping and trade; that will ignite in 2014.


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