Thursday, 1 March 2012

Container Investing Benefits Shipping Companies and Investors

Container investing involves the purchase of shipping containers, and then leasing them to shipping companies, (most often) with the help of a reputable container leasing and management company.

Since 2011, shipping containers have been in extremely high demand. Therefore, because the containers are relatively inexpensive to purchase, it creates a profitable and safe investment opportunity; for high yield and retirement investors. On the other hand, it is also a good deal for shipping companies. Under these circumstances, they can lease shipping containers as they need to, and not have to purchase and store additional containers; they may use only once or twice.

As with any investment, it is nice to have a profitable exit strategy. In this case, once a shipping container investment has yielded a satisfactory return, investors can sell their fleet of shipping containers; (in most cases) for the same amount or more than initially invested.


  1. Investors have the benefit of investing in something (shipping containers), which there is a big demand, but a small supply. Shipping lines enjoy the benefits, of not having to purchase or maintain containers, when they enter into a long-term container leasing agreement; with a shipping container management company.

    1. It is definitely a win-win situation for shipping companies and investors. Projections and predictions from finance experts and economists, suggests that this amicable relationship, is expected to strengthen and continue; for a number of years to come.

  2. Shipping container investors have the benefit of offering their investment, to people or businesses who want to lease containers, for shipping and/or storage.

  3. It is incredible that container management/leasing companies, have been able to built long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with shipping lines, that work to support the entire shipping industry; and encourage investments in the future.

  4. The fact that shipping containers continue to be in extremely high demand, and that the cargo containers are relatively inexpensive to purchase to begin with, creates a profitable and low risk investment opportunity; for private investors.

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